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Vishnu Puranam

Reference : Vishnu Puranam : First Amsa First adhyaya Page 1 onwards.

The Vishnu Puranam was taught by Rshi parAs’ara to maitrEya Rshi at his request, as that Purana which would grant him all knowledge of events past and future as well as dharma.

It was taught to Parasara by his father’s father (pituh pitA) Vasishtha Brahmarshi. Parasara’s father (Sakthi) was eaten by the Rakshasa sent by Viswamitra. (Shlokas 12 and 13 ). This made Parasara very angry when he found out about it and he set about to destroy all rakshasas, till he was dissuaded by Vasishtha. Vasishtha told him that only fools cultivated anger. Anger destroys fame (yas’ah) as well as penance (tapah). No one can kill anyone., its one’s own karma that kills one. Therefore don’t come under the control of anger. Forgiveness is the essence of Sadhus.

Out of respect for his grandfather’s words, Parasara stopped the satra and Vasishta was very pleased with him. At that time,  Pulastya, the son of Brahma came there and accepted water (arghya) and asana. This elder brother of Pulaha was pleased by Vasishta’s peace loving gesture. He addressed Parasara as his child and blessed him that he would become a Puranakarta and become an expert in all sastras.

(Here we remember that Pulastya’s grandsona were Ravana, Vibhishana etc)

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