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Extending your senses.

Some questions and answers.
All of us have plenty of goals in life., some short-term and some long term. We are often so pre-occupied with these that we rarely pause to question whether there is a meaning to life, the universe and everything. Are we merely spatially and temporally (time) bound biochemical processes, seeking to extend our patterns through energy capture (eating) and reproduction?

Are we attached to our scale, our dimensions and to that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see and to those sound frequencies that we can hear? Are things as they seem?

The scientific tradition has been to extend the senses with instruments which detect energies that are out of our range and to map them into energies that our eyes and ears are equipped to handle. We have also extended our powers of locomotion, communication, data processing and computation. This has contributed a great deal to the way we understand our universe and the way we control our environment.

The spiritual tradition has been to not use the senses, to not use thought, and then ‘see’ with your inner ‘eye’ – whatever there is to see or know. That has been called Reality, God, Truth, Self, Divinity… in Sanskrit it has even been called “That”.

What happens inside you, when you sit down in a quiet room and contemplate with your eyes closed? Physiological and psychological changes, yes, definitely – we’ll talk about them.

The Indian Spiritual Tradition of Raja Yoga says that you will realize God/ Truth/ Divinity/ Soul/ Bliss/ Reality /. I will use these words interchangeably. Please don’t mind.

Everyone projects attributes on God. E.g. loving, vengeful, etc. To realise God it is necessary to remove pre-conceived notions, projections etc. It is necessary to still our mind and look into our heart – to see that which IS. Meditation provides us a method of quietening the mind without crushing it, distancing our wishful fancies and seeing the Reality that is God.

What does God mean to you? Is there a God? Would the God be Male, Anthropic (human), Emotional, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Vengeful, Punitive, Parent like, King Like? Would the God dispense justice and reward the good? Would the God help the weak and love the lonely? Would this God govern the lives of people, animals, planets, galaxies and all the universes? Would this God grant wishes? Could this God be pleased, placated, annoyed? Create a bunch of questions about such a “Divine Being” and answer them. Do you like the idea of a God?

What is the Self? Is it your body? Is your Self your mind? Is your Self your emotions?

Is there a Self that is in your body but is not the body, has thoughts but is not the thoughts, has feelings but is not the feelings. Are you that Self? Does that Self have a purpose, a Goal, a destination? Is that Self in control?

Is there a bit of you in your car, your job, your house, your body and any of your other possessions? Do you feel pain when your car is dented, when your child cries, when your house is dirty or your body is ill? How much of you is there in your possessions, achievements etc? How much of you is there in other people? In your family, country, humanity, the earth, the universe?

What do you think your Goal is? Is it to make ends meet? Is it to catch up with your neighbours? Is it to make more money? To survive? To achieve? To serve? To care for people? Things? Nature? To understand the mysteries of nature? To push the boundaries of science?

Think about how you look. How do you look in different coloured lights? How do you look in the dark? How do you look when a bit of your skin peels off? How do you look in ultrasound, infra-red and x-rays. Does your appearance change, depending on the kind of energy that reflects off you? (red light, green light, no light, ultra sound, infra red etc).

What if you look under a microscope? Under an electron microscope? Does your appearance change with the scale at which you observe yourself? Below cell level, below electron level? At one level you would appear like an electromagnetic field. Lower? Below quarks? Imagine carefully how you might look to a being that senses only infra-red or only sound, to someone who is blind or color blind.

Are things as they seem? Are we attached to our scale and to the visible part of the light spectrum? Is our body like a submarine equipped with some energy detection mechanisms (sound, heat, light etc) for navigation? If so, then who is the occupant or the driver? What of the energies that the senses can’t detect? We have created many instruments that extend our senses by detecting other forms and ranges of energies and converting them to the light and sound that we can see. we have turned these instruments on ourselves and the world around us and gathered a wealth of information. Is there more?

In meditation you don’t extend your vision with a telescope, you close your eyes. You sit in a quiet room, you are not looking to external sounds, tastes, pressures or heat to tell you about the world. You are in fact resting your senses. What do you see when your eyes are closed?

Things are not quite as they seem. Your resources for learning about the world are limited at best. Yourself that as you are within the universe., the universe is within you. Whatever is in you is in the universe and whatever is in the universe is in you. God/God/Truth/Divinity is in you. That IT can be detected if you are quiet.

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November 16, 2008 at 6:23 pm

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