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Time Measurements – Narada Purana

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  • The small unit of time is a nimesha,
  • fifteen nimeshas constitute one kashtha,
  • thirty kashthas make a kala and
  • thirty kalas are one kshana.
  • There are six kshanas in one danda,
  • two dandas in one muhurta and
  • thirty muhurtas in one day.
  • There are thrity days in a month and
  • each month is divided into two pakshas of fifteen days each.
  • Two months constitute a season (ritu) and
  • three ritus constitute an ayana.
  • There are thus six seasons and two ayanas in a year.
  • The two ayanas are known as uttarayana and dakshinayana.
  • One year for humans is equivalent to one day for the gods.
  • Uttarayana corresponds to day for the gods and dashinayana to night.
  • Twelve thousand years of the gods are known as a mahayauga.
  • Each mahayuga is divided into four sub-periods of satya yuga, treta yuga, dvapara yuga and kali yuga.
  • Two thousand mahayugas are merely one day for Brahma.
  • There are fourteen eras (manvantara) in each of Brahma’s days.
  • Brahma’s nights are just as long and it is during Brahma’s night that the world is destroyed and flooded with water.
  • Each of Brahma’s days is called a kalpa.
  • A hundred years for Brahma are equivalent to a single day for Vishnu.

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