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Measurements – Bhagavatham

Reference 1: as Maitreya told Vidura.

  • All matter is an assembly of Parama anus. (Fundamental particles – atoms?). The time of a Paramanu is related to its size.
  • 2 anus make a paramanu.
  • tryah (trio) make  3 renus – trasarenu.
  • These tiny particles can be seen through when sunshine passes through the tiny joles of a sieve or net.
  • 3 trasarenus take up the time that is remembered as Truti.
  • 100 of those is a Vedha
  • Thrice that is a Lava
  • The duration of time of three lavas is equal to one nimeṣa,
  • The combination of three nimeṣas makes one kṣaṇa,
  • Five kṣaṇas combined together make one kāṣṭhā,
  • Fifteen kāṣṭhās make one laghu.
  • Fifteen laghus make one nāḍikā,
  • Two nadikas make one muhūrta,
  • 6 or 7 Praharas make a Yaamaah.
  • There are 4 yaamaah in the day and 4 yaamaah in the night of mortals.
  • 15 days make the krshna paksha and 15 days make the sukla paksha.
  • Two pakshas make a masa which makes a day and night of the Pitrs.
  • 2 masas make a rtu.
  • 6 such masas (months) make an ayanam – the Uttarayanam and the Dakshinanayanam the Divi (Sky – heaven)
  • An ayanam is a day of the Devas.
  • 12 masas is a vatsara.
  • A human lives for a 100 years.
  • The names of the vatsaras are Samvatsara, parivatsara, idavatsra, anuvatsra and vatsara.
  • 12 divine years (varshas) form the caturyugas of krta, tretha, dvapara and kali.
  • Multiplying by 4,3,2,1 in Krta etc Yugas, numbering thousands and 2 hundreds. (He is asking Vidura to multiply 1200 by 4,3,2,1, etc to get the duration of the different yugas as confirmed by Markandeya in the Mahabharata).
  • The yuga sandhya periods are in hundreds of years (not in thousands in the same ratio. Matches with Markandeya)
  • 1000 of the caturyugas of the trilokas, form the day of the Brahma and he has a night of equal period.
  • There are 14 manus in a day of Brahma.
  • Each Manu lasts a little over 71 Mahayugas.
  • A 100 years of Brahma is less than a nimisha of Sri Vishnu.

Time Measuring Instrument and Method:

A copper pot weighing six palas has a hole bored in it by a gold probe weighing 4 masas, measuring 4 angulas.The time it takes to fill up with water is a called a prastha.

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All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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  1. My humble reflexion is: All matter is a combination of Anu(atoms)..because Atoms are not a single ‘brahman’. They are also subject to split in to proton/ electron with a mediator of neutron..This neutron is the “Brahman”…that plays the game of creation…Atoms’ random movement and crashing/colliding with other atoms…It must be of a very great and high speed ,inconceivable to human thoughts/imagination…This neutron moves even the fractions of seconds…There is race between Time and the atoms..The humanly audible distance is very short. And the collisions of time and atoms should make a big bang noise ..That should be going on in the substratum of Ether every passing fraction of a second…….or even in a higher stratum than that for any audio device to collect those waves…
    The same way we cannot hear the flower opening but smell spreads profusely..If it is not an explosion the smell cannot spread that fast and wide…

    Prema vati

    August 2, 2012 at 4:09 pm

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