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Do the sapta samudras refer to different galaxies or different oceans?

Source: kṣāra — salt ; sīdhu — wine; ghṛta — ghee = clarified butter; kṣaudra— sugarcane juice/honey; dadhi — yogurt; kṣīra — milk; amṛta — deathless, nectar ; udakāḥ — water.

Kshira Sagara refers to the Milky Way, Pala kuntha, Pala samudram – our galaxy. By extension of this logic, do the other oceans of these seven refer to other galaxies?

The ocean colours change with depth and distance. Blue, brown (sugarcane), white (froth near the coast), green and so forth. Did the different oceans refer to different colours of the water?

At Ankola’s honey beach, the sea is the colour of honey and at Karwar’s the Devbagh beach it is the colour of sugarcane juice.

At Rameswaram, Maravanthe and at  Karwar the sea looks like milk at the instant of sunset.

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