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Al Biruni : Kaliyuga , Saka Kala conversion

As per Al Biruni, 4000 Kaliyuga = 821 Saka Kala : Reference

That give us 3179 Kaliyuga = 0 Saka kala.

Kaliyuga 0 is 3102 BCE. (As accepted by many millenia of Indian Astronomers.)

Therefore 77 CE (AD), is Saka Era as per Al Biruni

4000 Kaliyuga is the basis of the karanagrantha used by Vateswara

His basis is Vatesvara’s Karanasara : Vatesvara, an ancient Kashmiri Astronomer, his Karanasara and Siddhanta : R.N. Rai, INSA

  1. 4000 Kaliyuga is the basis of the karanagrantha used by Vateswara. (See : Al Biruni : Kaliyuga , Saka Kala conversion)
  2. 3000 Kaliyuga must be the basis of the Karanagrantha used by Varahamihira.
  3. In terms of Vatesvara’s Saka Era, 3000 Kaliyuga is minus 179 Saka Era.
  4. This means 179 year before the Sakakarta considered by Vatesvara.
  5. 3000 Kaliyuga  was 427 in Varahamihira’s Saka Era.
  6. Therefore Varahamihira’s Saka Era started 606 years before Vateswara’s Saka Era.
  7. 1000 = 821-427 + x; x = 606;

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January 10, 2010 at 2:30 pm


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