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Tamil and Hindi Calendar Month Name Variations with Sanskrit (Telugu) Month Names

Tamil and Telugu (sanskrit) :

There are 2 levels of matching required.. one is with names and one is with dates.

  • Maarkazi Margasira
  • thai Pushya – Tishya
  • maachi (Maasi) Magha
  • pangkuni Phalguni
  • chiththirai Chitra
  • vaikaachi Vaisakha
  • aani Jyeshta
  • aadi Aashada
  • aavaNi Sravana
  • purattaac Bhadrapada
  • aippachi Aswiyuja
  • kaarththikai Karthika
  1. Jan 7th 2009 was accepted as Vaikuntha Ekadasi both in the Tamil and the Telugu calendars, but the Telugu Calendars called it Pushya Suddha Ekadasi and the Tamil Calendars called the same day as Margasira (Markazi) Suddha Ekadasi.
  2. Jan 26th 2009  was Pushya Amavasya in the telugu calendar, Jan 25th was Thai Amavasya in the Tamil calendar – so you might hope for a match.
  3. But Feb 9th is Magha Pournami in the Telugu Calendar and feb 8th is Thai (Pushya) Poosam (Pournami) in the Tamil Calendar.
  4. Telugu months start with the first day after the new moon, so in any lunar month, the pournami comes first and then the amavasya. In Tamil month reckoning, it appears as if the amavasaya occurs first and then the pournami, but this observation needs verification.
  5. Feb 23rd 2009 was MahaSivarathri in both calendars, but Telugu people will tell you that it is Magha Bahula (Krishnapaksha) Chaturdasi and Tamilians will tell you that it is Thai (Pushya) Krishnapaksha Chaturdasi.
  6. So Telugu month-names “occur” before the corresponding Tamil month names.
  7. The first day of Chaitra Masam as per telugu/kannada people was 27th March 2009. This was our New Year Day. The first day of Chittirai (Chaitra), as per Tamilians was 14th April 2009.
  8. 27th march 2009 was Chandramana Ugadi (Lunar New Year), 14th April 2009 was Saura Samvatsaradi (Solar New Year).
  9. What was Vaisakha Pournami to telugu people was Chaitra Pournami to Tamilians – May 9th 2009.

And so on…

Hindi  And Telugu (Sanskrit Names) :

The Hindi month names are variants of the sanskrit (telugu) names. For eg Pushya Masam in Sanskrit (telugu) becomes Posh in Hindi.

Jan 11th 2009 was Pushya Pournima (Posh Pournima) in both Hindi and telugu calendars. But Jan 12th 2009 was Pushya Krishna Paksha Padyami in Telugu Calendars and it was Magha Krishna Paksha  Dwitiya in the Hindi calendar. Hindi months of the same name variants start a fortnight earlier than telugu (sanskrit) months. There is no mention of Vaikuntha Ekadasi in the Hindi calendar I referenced.

Feb 23rd 2009 was Mahashivarathri even in in the Hindi calendar but, it was called Phalgun Krishna Dwadasi in the Hindi Calendar, Magha Bahula (Krishnapaksha) Chaturdasi in the telugu calendar, Thai (Pushya) Krishnapaksha Chaturdasi in the Tamil Calendar.

In the Hindi Calendar,  Chaitra Masam started on 12th March 2009. 11th March was celebrated as Holi or Phalguna Pournami. Telugu (Sanskrit) and Hindi calendars agree on month names only in the Suklapaksha (the fortnight preceding pournami). So Holi is in a sense a year-end festival, because it ends Hemanta, the season after winter and before spring. The Hindi New Year has been given in the reference as March 27th 2009, Chaitra Sukla Paksha PratiPada (Padyami), as it is for the Telugu and Kannada people.


For the tamil calendar I used : http://www.panchangam.com/fest.htm

and for the Hindi I used this : http://www.festivalsofindia.in/calender/jan.asp

For the telugu calendar I used the one created by the Sringeri Samstha.

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