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Date of Veda Mantras

Reference 1 : History of Astronomy in India:  Sen and Shukla : Indian National Science Academy : National Commission for the Compilation of the history of sciences in India 1985

1. A survey of source materials : Prof. K.V. Sarma, FormerlyDirector, Visvesvarananda Vedic Research Institute, Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

The harbingers of the autumnal equinox are given in different mantras of the Rig Veda as,

  • Aditi (Punarvasu, Pollux 113 long) : ~ 6200 BC/BCE
  • Daksha (Abhijit, Vega, 284 long) : ~ 5400 BC/BCE
  • Rudra (Ardra, Betelguese, 88 long) : ~ 4350 BC/BCE
  • Rohini (Aldebran, long 69 deg) : ~ 3070 BC/BCE

(* Rough calculations done by Sri Sarma using 72 years per degree approximately : 27 Nakashatras – 360 degrees ~ 13.33 deg per nakshatra ~ 960 years:  Depending on which point of the star, beginning, end or middle was meant there can be an offset not exceeding 500 – 1000 years in the dates given. So based on other data such as the date of the Bharata War , we have to fine tune the offset error.)

R.V : 3.99 : Krittika is the autmn star c 2350 BCE (assuming a 1000 year offset error, we are looking at 3350 BCE – which better correlates with the date calculated for the  Bharata War)  Viswamitra

R.V. 1.164 Autumn Star Agni (Krittika, Alcyon 59.5 long) : Dirgha tamas.

R.V. 5.40-49, the total eclipse of the sun determined by P.C. Sen Gupta as 3298 BCE.

The RV references do not seem to be mandala suktha mantra but some other numbering… so I can’t verify them at this instant…

This is a living document and data will be added as found.

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