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From my childhood elders  at home and school have always advised me to say “Rama, Rama” when in doubt, fear or trouble. They told me that Rama nama would protect me from all manner of troubles and bless me in every way. I sincerely believed in and followed this advice, with the additional belief that you only have to chant Sri Rama’s name and Hanuman is personally present next to you and on your side. This was a great thrill for me…

Recently in my yoga class, my Veda guru, advised me to touch the tip of my tongue to the top of my palate, for as much time as possible. She said that that yoga mudra helped people achieve emotional balance.

In trying to teach some of my young friends how to do this I asked them to make the sound “ra”. The Indian sound, not the “rolled” American one.

Also in pranayama class, we have to say, “mmmmmmmm” like a bee when we breathe out for the bhramari form of praaNaayaama, as well as in some of the yogaasanaas.

okay, now, what is ra +a + mmmmmmmmmmm + a?

Rama! Of Course!

My elders were having me do a very easy and beneficial yoga mudra + pranayama, while filling my head with delightful and cheerful thoughts of Sri Rama and Hanuman.

In the Vishnu Sahasranaama, Siva tells Parvati that one utterance of Rama’s name is equal to a thousand names of Vishnu.

Thanks to the good old Rama Sethu issue, Rama’s name is on the lips of all believers and non-believers alike, doing a world of good to politicians, lawyers, judges, journalists and lay people too.

Either with devotion or hatred, with faith or with reason everyone in this country and interested in this country is chanting the name of Sri Rama, and gathering at the very minimum the yogic benefits of the same.

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