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Ancient Indians - Satya Samhita

pArvatI’s son vinAyaka and s’ivA’s son kArtikEya had a race to determine who should become gaNEs’a – the lord of the gaNAs.

This story has many layers of meanings like many stories in our purANAs.

It has an astronomical significance also.

kArtikEya is associated with kRttika nakSatra – (Pleiades), He was raised by the 6 kRttikAs and thus also has the name SaNmukha (shanmukha) – the six-faced one.

This kArtikEya goes around the earth once every 24 hours and is very fast with his peacock vehicle.

When he challenged vinAyaka to a race around bhulOka (the earth) – 3 times, vinAyaka merely did 3 pradakSiNAs around s’iva and pArvati, the parents of the universe around whom everything revolves.

His vehicle is a mouse and he is very slow.

Stars that are closer to the pole star move slower when viewed from the earth and the pole star appears to…

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