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Observation influences reality: John Wheeler and the “It from Bit”

“Wheeler became even more deeply convinced of the importance of information

after concocting a thought experiment that exposed the strangeness of the

quantum world for all to see. Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment is a

variation on the classic (but not classical) two-slit experiment, which

demonstrates the schizophrenic nature of quantum phenomena. When

electrons are aimed at a barrier containing two slits, the electrons act

like waves; they go through both slits at once and form what is called an

interference pattern, created by the overlapping of the waves, when they

strike a detector on the far side of the barrier. If the physicist closes

off one slit at a time, however, the electrons pass through the open slit

like simple particles and the interference pattern disappears. In the

delayed-choice experiment, the experimenter decides whether to leave both

slits open or to close one off _after the electrons have already passed

through the barrier_–with the same results. The electrons seem to know

in advance how the physicist will choose to observe them. This experiment

was carried out in the early 1990s and confirmed Wheeler’s prediction.”

via. http://suif.stanford.edu/~jeffop/WWW/wheeler.txt


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