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Date of Lagadha, Vedanga Jyotisha (via Ancient Indians – Satya Samhita)

What is Jyotisha? It is the “science of lights” ie astronomy. What is Vedanga? Vedangas are branches of the Vedas, that one must know in order to understand them. They are Siksha, Niruktha, Kalpa, Vyakarana, Chandas and Jyotisha. (More : Vedangas, Learning Vedic Sanskrit (Nirukta Vedanga), Siksha Vedanga, Vedic Rites (Rituals) : kalpa) How big is the Vedanga Jyotisha? The Rg Vedic version is 36 verses long. The Yajurvedic version is 44 verses lon … Read More

via Ancient Indians – Satya Samhita


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