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Moon is near Al Hena now, it is Ardra Nakshatram today

Use Google Sky Map and your Telugu Calendar.

The moon is right next to Al Hena, with Betelguese to the south-east and Al Nath to the north-east.

As per telugu calendar it is Ardra Nakshatram to day.

Now you can understand the debate in the identification of Ardra Nakshatram.

Please read the previous posts in this link to get the rest of the debate: Nakshatras, Grahas, Varas, Rasis, Masas, Rtus

With the sun in mula and the moon in ardra, we have a full moon and this time even a lunar eclipse.

Mula is the 14th nakshatra from arudra.


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December 22, 2010 at 6:57 am

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