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Dasara Navarathris, The Beginning of Autumn and Victory over the Rains!

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Vijaya Dasimi is victorious 10th day of the dasara navarathris, when we celebrate Devi’s victory over Mahishasura, Pandavas victory over the Kauravas at Matsya Desa and Sri Rama‘s victoy over Ravana.. all depending on which part of India you were born/hail from…

But methinks that is really the victory of the devas (luminaries/stars) over the clouds. FINALLY, we can see the stars, yay!! My gut feel is that some how Indra‘s victory over Vrtra may also be celebrated around now.

Generally any of the ratri festivals, eg Sivaratri, navarathri.. have to do with brilliant starry skies. (EVEN in cloudy bangalore).

BTW, these are also calle s’aradA navaratris, as s’arad Rtu (autumn) begins and varSa Rtu (rainy season) ends.

If you haven’t signed up for Lakshmi’s star gazing classes at AIU you should.. this is the season…

Yesterday, she showed me

  • Brihaspati, the deva guru (Jupiter),
  • s’ravaNa (Altair), the nakshatra of Venkateswara Swamy, Vamana.. Vishnu.. (and also sravana kumara)
  • Vega (Abhijit) and Cygnus
  • Agastya – Canopus

all in about 15 min… we still have  a few clouds left.

Brihaspati Darsanam, Guru Darsanam :

You can see Jupiter, very bright, close to the moon.. about 3 finger widths distance, that is about 5 degrees away. Astrologically speaking, Brihaspati is the karaka for wealth, education, marriage and a host of other good things. I think it is auspicious to have a look at Jupiter. Someone born around now will have the Yoga of Guru and Chandra. My guess is that they will have a well-illumined mind!

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