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Thoughts on matter and energy and fields and waves

Electromagnetic Waves are caused by “jiggling electrons”.

Thus Energy Propagation is “caused” by matter.  (s’akti from sat)

Electric and magentic and gravitational fields are effects of matter. No matter…. no fields.

No matter exists or moves without causing fields or being affected by them.

Energy is conserved in the universe and entropy is maximised.

Matter needs energy to move. (except for uniform motion in a straight line in a non-inertial frame)

Matter loses the energy it propagates and accumulates the energy propagated to it.

Waves are “things or activities” that propagate energy. Waves effect the energy distribution that takes place in the universe.

No waves – no energy propagation or distribution.

Matter is sparsely distributed in the universe… Energy Waves fill it!

Matter is sparsely distributed in the universe… Matter Effects fill the Universe. The Universe is full of the effects of matter.. fields and waves..

It takes time for matter to affect other matter. The effects are not instantaneous. It takes time for “matter effects” or waves to reach the affected matter.

The “matter affected” by the electromagnetic wave can also scatter it or distort the field.

ie Matter can alter the effects of other matter.. by its own effects. (Think of the magical war between Abhimanyu and Ghatotkacha in Mayabazaar….  if one throws a divyastram, the other one throws another divyastram right back!)

Author : Satya Sarada Kandula

Quotations  Below:

Magnetic fields can be created by electric currents, which in turn are electric charges in motion. So far so good, at least until you ponder ‘in motion relative to what?’, to which a reasonable answer is ‘relative to you’ in your (static) inertial frame. However, suppose now that you moved alongside the wire carrying the current, and at the same velocity as the flow of electric charges within it. In such a case you would now perceive the charges to be at rest. An electric charge at rest relative to you, in an inertial frame, gives rise to an electric field, so in this situation you perceive there to be an electric field whereas previously you felt magnetism. Speed up or slow down and magnetic fields will emerge at the expense of the electric ones. What was a magnetic field in one inertial frame has become an electric field in another. Whether you interpret the field as electric or magnetic depends on your own motion.
Einstein insisted that the laws of physics cannot depend upon the uniform motion of the observer. What is good for one observer in one inertial frame must be so for all in all inertial frames whatever their relative motions. This led to his theory of relativity.
…Maxwell had encoded Faraday’s discoveries and all known electric and magnetic phenomena into just four equations. Having formulated them, he then worked out their solutions and in doing so he discovered that they implied a whole symphony of new phenomena. resulting effect is that the whole mélange of electric and magnetic fields would propagate across space as a wave. …Faraday’s measurements of electric and magnetic phenomena provided the essential data that, when inserted into Maxwell’s equations, enabled the speed of the waves to be calculated. Maxwell found this to be 300,000 km each second, independent of the frequency of the oscillations. This is also the speed of light, from which he made the seminal leap: light is an electromagnetic wave.
Close, Frank  (). Nothing : A Very Short Introduction. 2009.


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