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Inertial frames, Simultaneous Events, Absolute Space, Acceleration : “Nothing” by Frank Close

I really love this book….
Simultaneous Events in one inertial frame are simultaneous in all other Inertial Frames : Newton
“Newton’s philosophy of mechanics was that any two inertial frames must have their grids of rods moving relative to one another at constant speed (which could be zero) in a straight line without rotation. The clocks in the two frames show the same time, or at most differ from one another by a fixed unchanging amount. Thus Big Ben at rest in London, and the clock at New York’s Grand Central Station, show times that differ by five hours, due to the convention of time zones, but intervals of time will be the same for both: noon to 12.20 p.m. in London equates to 7 a.m. to 7.20 in New York. If two events happen simultaneously according to a clock in one inertial frame, they will also in another. Time is thus universal and can be used by all, whatever their states of motion.” : p 46.
Newton’s Absolute Space :
For Newton, space exists as if it were some invisible matrix of graph paper which cannot be acted on. Bodies moved through this matrix grid without altering it; its existence thus had some absolute meaning even in the absence of bodies, whereby ‘empty’ space is what remains when all material bodies are removed. The absence of matter implied for Newton the absence of gravitational force too, leaving nothing but the pristine inertial framework of absolute space. Close, Frank  (). Nothing : A Very Short Introduction. Oxford, , GBR: OUP Oxford, 2009.
Acceleration :
Whereas there is no absolute measure of velocity, only relative motions being unambiguously defined, acceleration is different: its magnitude as measured in all inertial frames is the same. Close, Frank  (). Nothing : A Very Short Introduction. Oxford, , GBR: OUP Oxford, 2009.
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