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Bangalore Planetarium : taralaya.org

The Planetarium was unluckily closed today, when I finally organised to go visit there with Lakshmi. But I saw some interesting wall notices there saying that someone had taught two classes on Ancient Indian Astronomy in the planetarium in May.

I have not yet figured out how to go back in time but the organisers left a link to http://taralaya.org which takes you to the Bangalore Association For Science Foundation.

Some Activities There :

Know Your Stars
This activity takes place together with the Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers (ABAA) on first Sunday of every month. It begins with a lecture session in the sky-theatre where sky of that night is simulated. Stars, constellations and planets are identified. A star chart of that day is provided to all visitors and they are taught its use. The lecture is followed by a star, watching session using telescopes manned by amateur astronomers.

Viewing of special astronomical events
Arrangements are made for the public to view comets, solar eclipses and planetary transits etc. Portable telescopes are arranged in the open area and public watch events through these. During live coverage of such events happening elsewhere, video projectors are used to project the coverage on large screen for the public to see.

There is also a link to this blog : http://www.abaaonline.blogspot.com/

At this link you can find a lot of useful information for example the rise time of all the different planets in Bangalore :

The following illustrative table is for Jupiter.

1st Sep 07:41:39 PM
8th Sep 07:11:24 PM
15th Sep 06:40:56 PM
22nd Sep 06:10:22 PM
29th Sep 05:39:48 PM

Here is a link to a skychart : http://taralaya.org/skychart.htm

Explore their web-site and enjoy!!

Their Contact details : http://taralaya.org/contact.htm

Bangalore Association for Science Education
Sri. T. Chowdaiah Road, High Grounds,
Bangalore-560001, Karnataka, India.

For shows and other general information send a mail to

For details on educational programmes send a mail to

For information on technical details send a mail to

To contact the Director send a mail to

Working Hours :
10:00 to 5:30

Phone :
91 -080- 22203234/ 2226 6084/ 22379725 / 2237 5725

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