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Yoga Dvaita Darsanam, Sankhya Advaita Darsanam

My Veda Guru says that Yoga implies union of jivaatma (the self in living beings) and paramaatma (the universal self) which implies that jivaatma is not paramaatma. Thus she holds that Yoga is a Dvaita Darsanam ora philosophy of the Dvaitins.

My personal view is that it is the union of manas (mind), aatma (self) and deha (body).

We are both agreed that saankhya philosophy is a philosophy of the Advaitins ie : jivaatma is the same as the paramaatma.

My guru is a Maadhwa, trained by a smaartha advaitin Guru. I am a smartha advaitin trained by a maadhwa guru. So our conversations are usually very interesting.

Madhwaas hold that a fraction of the infinite universal self is finite, smaarthas hold that any fraction of infinity is infinity. The smaartha view is mathematically correct.

My guru says that we have to take experience also into account and cannot go by logic alone. Sankaracharya does not give too much value to experience in the sense that he says Bhagavat satyam.. God is real and jagat mithyam.. the world is illusory, jivo Brahmaiva Na Parah.. and the jivaatma is the brahman none other.

There is so much more to learn and know. But I too hold that the world is not as it seems and in that sense it is illusory. (Extending your senses.)

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