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Entanglement : Spooky Action At a Distance.

Einstein never liked entanglement. He called it, “Spooky Action At a Distance”.

  1. Quantum entanglement occurs when two or more particles interact in a way that causes their fates to become linked: It becomes impossible to consider (or mathematically describe) each particle’s condition independently of the others’. Collectively they constitute a single quantum state.
  2. Two entangled particles often must have opposite values for a property — for example, if one is spinning in “up” direction, the other must be spinning in the “down” direction. Suppose you measure one of the entangled particles and, by doing so, you nudge it “up.” This causes the entangled partner to spin “down.” Making the measurement “here” affected the other particle “over there” instantaneously, even if the other particle was a million miles away.
  3. In quantum mechanics, all the forces of nature are mediated by the exchange of particles such as photons, and these particles must obey this cosmic speed limit. So an action “here” can cause no effect “over there” any sooner than it would take light to travel there in a vacuum. This is what makes the idea of instantaneous action spooky. (Reference : http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2004/23jan_entangled/)

Teleportation :

  1. Quantum entanglement essentially allows two particles to behave as one, regardless of how far apart they are.
  2. Photons can be entangled so that if one is vertically polarized, for instance, then the other photon in the pair is always horizontally polarized.
  3. In quantum teleportation the sender, normally called Alice, instantaneously transfers the quantum state of a particle to a receiver, called Bob.
  4. In most experiments so far Alice has teleported the quantum state of a photon – defined in terms of its polarization – to Bob.
  5. The photon itself is not transferred: rather Bob’s photon acquires exactly the same polarization as Alice’s. (Reference : http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/16883)

All this talk of teleportation is not of the “actual particle” as lay people might think. It is of the state of the particle. It works because physicists tell us that particles with identical states quantum are themselves identical.

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