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Where is the Pole Star directly overhead?

At the North Pole.. Of Course!!.. now that we think about it…

Lakshmi was telling me today that the Pole Star (Dhruva Nakshatram) is seen higher up in the sku at Hyderabad than it is seen in Bangalore.. and then went on to tell me that Dhruva is directly over head at the north pole.

Bangalore is “pretty equatorial” so our world view, sorry.. ‘star view’ is quite different from what people write in standard books written for other latitudes. We get far greater peek into the ‘southern sky’ compared to the norther-ies.

Valmiki tells us that when Sri Rama visited Lanka he felt the whole sky was all ‘upside down/mixed up’. It wasn’t that the earth shook. It was that everything was in a different place from where he was used to seeing them.

Now I want to go to the North Pole. I want to see Dhruva overhead! At least Scandinavia! No. Also Scandinavia!

The temple of Vedic Planetarium, Mayapur, India. Click Image for Article.

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