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A student of Time in the corridors of AIU – Ancient Indians University

He is a young electrical engineer. With questions. He found my article on Revathi Nakshatram and Revati and 27 CaturYugas. He had questions on Relativity and Astrology….

But his real questions were on Time. A half an hour phone call and he signed up at AIU. A planned 1 hour sessions lasted 3 hours. Here are some questions and topics he raised and some topics we discussed.

  1. Time Dilation and the Revati Story.
  2. Is time measurement same as time?
  3. Astrology
  4. Time Measurement : Planets and Atoms
  5. Geo and helio centricity : adv of one model over another. A “true” model or a “relative” model.

My voice gave out at the end of 3 hours and we had to stop.. I recommended that he read ‘The universe in  nutshell’ by Stephen Hawking and a Labyrinth of Time by Micahel Wormwood…

He said he will get back after some reading and thinking.

My guru said that when the Devatas give us  a blessing.. it is flawless…

The students I get at AIU are all better than me in their chosen areas., yet they choose me to teach them.. why? My guru said that the teacher is Sri Krishna Himself and the student too is Sri Krishna Himself. These students are may be here to remind me of the right questions and the right attitudes. And to teach me the right answers.

Finally I let this boy go home. I said, “If I cannot be Hanuman and jump the ocean for you, I can be Sabari and tell you where to find Him.”

I have a student of Time and a student of Astronomy.. all thanks to “Old Thoughts”. It means I have a teacher of Time and a teacher of Astronomy! Jai Sri Krishna!! This is a wonderful reward for my work…

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August 10, 2010 at 9:32 am

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