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Astrological Tip : During Sani Periods – Destroy Karma with Gnyana (Jnana)

Many people are afraid of Sani dasas and Sani bhuktis. They wrongly fear that Sani is out to get them. This cannot be true.

Sani is a karma karaka. That means during periods named after Sani, you can just expect to pay your karmic bills. Just as you pay your electricity bill, water bill, rent etc once a month after having enjoyed them all previous days of the month.

To the average mind, a karmic bill appears like bad luck. You have to try many times to succeed.You lose stuff you like, eg  jobs, boyfriends/girlfriends. money, vehicles and so on. You may have accidents or insults.

Not known to many people, is that Sani is also a gnyanakaraka… In Sani periods you gain wisdom and knowledge.

People under the influence of Sani are not chasing illusions and mirages, unlike those under the influence of Rahu.

So is there a parihara?

It is believed that Gnyana (knowledge/wisdom) destroys karma.

So I think that during these periods, it will benefit those who worship Ganesha, Saraswathi, Hayagriva, Dakshinamurthy, Gnyana prasoonamba and all deities who personify knowledge. Tradition also recommends worship of Siva and Hanuman the perfect gnyanis.

Method ?

  1. I firmly believe that the pursuit of Saraswathi Devi through learning any subject is the key. Learn electronics or history or physics or music, or any other subject of your choice. Learn it with devotion and sraddha and a complete sacred feeling…. your gnyana will chase your karma away and your perceived bad luck will disappear. This has worked for me many times, in many situations. Do it as if it is a yagnya for Saraswathi Devi.
  2. Re-examine the incidents that you perceived as bad luck… Bad Luck is a label we give to incidents and events. Usually each event you dislike has led to some wonderful new opportunities and fun. The trick is to remove the ‘bad luck’ label from your mind, even when others want to come and show you pity and treat you as if you were unlucky.

Finally, not all karma is bad. Just as you receive dividends and interest on your investments, and salary for your work,  you will also receive the benefits of your good karma during Sani periods. So chin up.

If you like to chant, I suggest :

saraswatI namastubhyam varade kAmarUpiNi.

vidyArambham karishyAmi, siddhirbhavatu me sadA


suklambaradharam viSNum s’asi varNam caturbhujam

prasannavadanam dhyAyet sarvavighnOpa s’Antaye.


Chapter 17 of Bhagavad Gita.

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Caution :

  • I have not prescribed this for others before.  If it works for you, please do let me know. (It has worked for me.)
  • It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottari dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. The information is being shared for those who may want to know.

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