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Kepler’s Laws and Sri Rama’s Jataka Chakram (via Ancient Indians – Satya Samhita)

Kepler's Laws and Sri Rama's Jataka Chakram increasing its distance from the Sun by 12 degrees. The complete revolution of the Moon (29.5 days) occupies 30 tithis for 360 degrees. Since the motions of the Sun and Moon are always varying in speed the length of a tithi constantly alters.What I am trying to do : is see whether if we us elliptical orbits instead of circular orbits, the velocity variations can explain how the sun could be in Mesha, on a Chaitra Suklapaksha Navami with the moon … Read More

via Ancient Indians – Satya Samhita


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July 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm

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