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Southern Most Rasi is not (no longer) Makara!

Lakshmi was phone-walking me through the stars yesterday and pointed out that Jyeshta, Anuradha and Visakha (Vrischika approx Scorpio)  to the south and the moola (dhanus) was to the north relative to Jyeshta., which brings makara even more to the relative north.. if you understand what I am saying…

That makes sense… Surya (sun) is in dhanus around the time of the real winter solstice and by Jan14 th or makara sankranthi, the sun has turned back!

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Which means that at the northern end of the zodiac, we’ll see Rohini and the Vrishabha (approx taurus gang) and that cancer is more towards the relative south.

So if I turn out to be as long lived as the celebrated Veda Vyasa or Markandeya, I would actually see, the zodiac shifting in the north –  south direction.. what a delightful thought!

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June 25, 2010 at 10:21 pm

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