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Sankalpa (Will) As an Astrological Remedy

My Veda Guru’s Veda Guru who was also an expert on Vedanga Jyotisha told her that problems could be solved by the application of one’s own sankalpa loosely translated as ‘will power’ in english.

My own Veda Guru says that for most problems, one make the sankalpa in one’s mind and then chant the Vishnu Sahasranama a total of 2314 times spread across as many days as necessary. Friends and well-wishers of the troubled person may also chant the Vishnu Sahasranama on behalf of that person. By ‘AcamanIyam’ (by men) and the washing of one’s hands and feet (by women), they can mentally transfer the punyam of chanting the Vishnu Sahasranamam to the beneficiary.

  • There is a simple puja on completion of the 2314 times.
  • The Vishnu Saharsanama is best chanted early in the morning before sunrise, the naivedyam, is payasam, milk and sugar or milk and honey. It is extra effective when chanted during solar eclipses, and on deepavali night.
  • One is expected to chant on an empty stomach or at least prior to consumption of rice based items.

I asked my father why anyone need bother chanting 1000 names of Vishnu when they can just chant Sri Rama’s name once. He said that it helps to strengthen the will power (sankalpa) of an individual when they follow this discipline with all the rules. It brings a positive change in their life style as well as keeps them busy and out of mischief.

So good luck.

Personal Experiences :

  • I found that a simple prayer even in english from my heart, where I was, was very effective even in the days when I did not know about all these things. I think prayer strengthens sankalpa.
  • I found that even a mental expression of agony as a feeling and not even words, worked in the Tirupathi temple.
  • I found that a sankalpa before Vedic chanting, and before Vishnu Sahasranama has instant effects.
  • I found that expressing my troubles on the phone to my mother or in a letter to my previous guru (even if I did not post it) or even just telling my Veda guru about them, all destroys the troubles.
  • I found that brooding about troubles increases them and brooding about the ‘troublers’ strengthens them. When troubled, it is very important to quickly arrive at a course of action and stop ‘strengthening the trouble by brooding about it’.
  • I found that nearly all the methods work and concluded that it is we who strengthen the methods.
  • I found that when sankalpa is followed by decisive persistent action, it always gives the desired result.

Note :  I cannot prove this. If you want try it. If it works continue it. Else don’t do it. This is for those who might want to know.

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