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3 kinds of karma – prArabdha, sancita and Agamya (aagami)

Yesterday my Veda Guru explained the three kinds of karma to me.

My Veda Guru says :

prArabdha karma is a bit like your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment). Every birth you take you are required to exhaust only part of your previously earned karma, good and bad. The best attitude towards this karma is to grin and bear it.

sanchita karma is like the total amount due from you and total good stuff due to you, as of this instant. The good and bad do not cancel each other out and each has to be experienced separately. From the instant of gnyana, sanchita karma is destroyed, but you still have to work out your prArabdha.

Agamya Karma. Even though gnyana has destroyed your sancita karma, you have to live as long as your prarabhda dictates. The new karma associated with this part of your life is called aagamya karma. This is also destroyed by gnyana.

As per this philosophy, this life goes as per its destiny and and newly acquired pApa and puNya are totalled and adjusted at the end of your life. Again the new prArabdha for your next birth is determined. But for a gnyani, there will be no next birth since he has zero totals of pApa and puNya at the end of his life.

Then what happens to all the good deeds a gnyani does post the instant of getting gnyAna? It goes to the society.. to the followers of that saint.


Please find below notes from this source on the internet. about Prarabdha karma.

  • Like an arrow released towards its target, the karma begun before the dawn of knowledge (prarabdha) is not destroyed by gyana. 454 : Shankaracharya in his Vivekachudamani.
  • Once he is convinced of the unreality of the world, a knower, with mind undisturbed, allows his prarabdha karma to wear out, and engages himself in worldly affairs accordingly. 7-131. Pancadasi
  • Do not fear irregularity when the wise engage themselves in actions according to their Karma. Even if it happens, let it be; who can prevent the karma? 7-132. Pancadasi
  • In the experience of their prarabdha karma, the enlightened and the unenlightened alike have no choice; but the knower is patient and undisturbed, whereas an ignorant man is impatient and suffers pain and grief. 7-133  Pancadasi
  • If by the force of his prarabdha karma, a wise man is compelled to enjoy the fruits of desires, he does so with indifference and great reluctance like a man who is impressed for labour. 7-143. Pancadasi
  • Once the prarabdha karma is exhausted, the seer either attains videha-mukti (i.e. death), or, he is in constant one-ness with the paramatma. Thus, prarabdha karma is a great blessing to the world, as the world can benefit when the gyani interacts with it. If prarabdha karma were burned up in the fire of gyana, the only medium of teaching from these great masters would be pure silence. Pancadasi


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May 16, 2010 at 9:36 am

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  1. Dear Veda guru ,
    Thanks for your cogent and clear communication on the various karma. Iam trying to know about a practical method through which one can identify his prarabdha so that one can realy with a smile on his face expiate them. I think if iam not wrong, Prarabdha part of Karma expiates itself if it is not multiplied by current causes( atleast if you maintain proprotion in viz a viz expiation and creation of karma in current birth( Please correct if iam wrong). What should i read/do to further enhance my spirituality in terms of practicality of life or seeing life as a continues process of expiation of one’s sanchita karma. Hope i have stated my question to my best current clarity of mind?


    July 9, 2012 at 5:26 pm

  2. I am not a vEda guru. My guruji is.

    Your horoscope will tell you about your prArabdha karma. Please approach a good astrologer.
    Brahma/Vishnu assign how much prArabdha (good + bad) you have to finish off in this janma.

    Karma that you earn in this birth is Agamya karma and it is added to the grand total of sanchita.

    Agamya and sancita can be destroyed through gnyAna.

    prArabdha karma has to be experienced or handled separately.

    Sahaj Marg guru says that we can accept our sufferings as an opportunity to finish off our orArabdha pApa. Anyway normal people are happy with puNya phala.



    July 10, 2012 at 8:33 am

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