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Astrological Tip : For different dasas, bhuktis and sukshma dasas

Reference : gantala panchangamu : relangi tangirala : 1998 – 1999 : pg 117

  1. ravi – rudrabhishekam
  2. chandra – durgapuja
  3. kuja – subrahmanyeswara
  4. guru – namakam
  5. sani – sivapooja
  6. budha – vishnupuja
  7. ketu – suryaradhana
  8. sukra – laksmipuja

For those undergoing any period, named after sani, I suggest try saying and feeling : “Om Namah Sivaya.”  One observed effect of this period is external obstacles through no present fault of one’s own.  It is a time to settle old karmic debts. The person is not under illusion or chasing mirages as during rahu periods.

Caution :

  • I have not prescribed this before and have no data whatsover. If it works for you, please do let me know. Others can benefit.
  • It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottara dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. the information is being shared for those who want to know.

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