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Saptarishi Clock and Saptarishi (Big Dipper) Calendar

Thanks to Siva, we had a clear sky all night on Mahasivaratri. This is one time  when you can see the constellations that rise at sunset and set at dawn. It wasn’t too cold., though the morning has been somewhat damp.. in Bangalore.

“The seven sages are Marici to the east (alpha), Vasishta (beta) to his west, then Angiras (gamma), then Atri (delta), then Pulastya (epsilon), then Pulaha (zeta), and Kratu (eta)” (5 and 6) : Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira.

Saptarishi Clock:

Vasishta (beta) and Marici (alpha) always point to Dhruva (Polaris).

Pulaha (zeta), and Kratu (eta) presently point to Swati (Arcturus) See : Nakshatras, Grahas, Varas, Rasis, Masas, Rtus

Dhruva is fixed throughout the night, but Swati rises and sets every day.

This makes our ‘ladle-shaped’ saptarishis mandala ‘rotate’ around the pole star.

If you live in Northern Latitudes, you can tell the time just looking at where it is pointing.

In the tropics, you can just see a smaller rotation like a spanner… For us the saptarishis also rise and set. As a rough approximation, you can see the saptarishis for about as long as you can see Simha and Kanya in the night.

Q: What happens then in August September?? Every answer seems to lead to a new question!

Click For Saptarishi Calendar., which is more relevant , in the tropics.

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