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Astrological Tip : How to identify your present dasa, bhukti.

Your jataka chakram (natal chart) will specify your janmanakshatram.

Find the graha nakshatradhipati of your jamnanakshatram to get the name of the graha whose dasa is ongoing at the time of your birth. See nakshatram.

A fraction of this dasa is over at your birth. Since the moon appears to be in front of a region governed by each nakshatras for a day approximately, the time the moon has ‘spent’ with this nakshatram divided by the total time it is going to spend with that nakshatram gives you the elapsed dasa fraction.

eg Suppose, the moon is due to spend 24 hours in Purvashada and has already spent 6 hours there.

6/24 is the fraction of the dasa already over.

Purvashada graha nakshatradhi pati is Sukra. Sukra dasa lasts for a total of 20 years.

Out of this 6/24 * 20 = 5 years is already over at birth. 15 years of Sukra dasa remain. 15 years is called dasa sesha at birth. Many jataka chakrams also give the dasa sesha.

This will be  followed 6 years of Ravi etc in the cycle. Based on your age and the method given in this post : Astrological Tip : Maximum Duration of any bad or good bhuktis. you can calculate your present dasa and bhukthi.

Caution : It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottara dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. the information is being shared for those who want to know.

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