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Astrological Tip : Maximum Duration of any bad or good bhuktis.

This is based on my understanding of the Vimsottara Dasa System as explained by Sri B.V. Raman in his books.

A lifespan of 120 luni-solar years (of 360 days each), is divided into phases or dasas, named after the navagrahas. After 120 years, the dasas repeat. The dasas are of different durations. The Longest Dasa (State) is the Sukra (Venus) Dasa which lasts for 20 years.

Each dasa is divided again into 9 bhukthis named after each of the grahas.

To get the duration of a bhukthi, take the dasa duration of that graha, divide it by 120 and multiply it by the duration of the given dasa.

For eg to get the duration of the sukra bhukthi of the sukra dasa.,

20/120 * 20  = 20/6 = 10/3 = 3.333 years.

This is the longest bhukthi duration.

The shortest bukthi is Ravi Bhukthi of Ravi dasa.

6/120 * 6 = 6/20 = 3/10 = 0.3 years.

So the minimum duration of a bhukthi is 3.6 months and the max duration is 3.33 years.

That bhukthi may have good, bad, or mixed results for one, but it will change after the given duration.

If you are in a great bhukthi enjoy yourself but know that it will last for not more than 3.33 years.

If you are in a miserable bhukti take heart that it will not last for more than 3.33 years.

Duration in years and Sequence of Dasas :

  • Ravi 6 years
  • Chandra 10 years
  • Kuja 7 years
  • Rahu 18 years
  • Guru 16 years
  • Sani 19 years
  • Budha 17 years
  • Ketu 7 years
  • Sukra 20 years

Caution : It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottara dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. the information is being shared for those who want to know.

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