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Nakshatra English Names

There are some variations from source to source.. so I thought it will be good to collect as I find them


1 Aswini Beta Arietis
2 Bharani 35 Arietis
3 Kritika Eta Tauri
4 Rohini Aldebaran
5 Mrigasira Lambda Orionis
6 Aridra Alpha Orionis
7 Punarvasu Beta Geminorium
8 Pushya Delta Cancri
9 Aslesha Alpha Hydroe
10 Magha Regulus
11 Poorvaphalguni Delta Leonis
12 Uttaraphalguni Beta Leonis
13 Hasta Delta Corvi
14 Chitra Spica Virginis -Vegus
15 Swati Arcturus
16 Visakha Alpha Libroe
17 Anuradha Delta Scorpio
18 Jyehsta Antares
19 Moola Lambda Scorpio
20 Poorvashadha Delta Sagittari
21 Uttarashadha Sigma sagittari
22 Sravana Alpha Aquiloe
23 Dhanshita Beta Delphinum
24 Satabisha Lambda Aquarius
25 Poorvabhadrapada Alpha Pegasi
26 Uttarabhadrapada Gama Pegasi
27 Revati Zeta Piscum
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