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Locating Constellations and Zodiac Signs (Western) and matching Nakshatrams

There is an applet here.. you can select  Orion and Ursa Major. Then go from Aries to Leo. You can also  locate Canis major.

Applet showing circumpolar motion

Acc. to this article Sirius is called Mrugavyadha in Sanskrit : http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A58061090. It is easy to see near Orion.

Details pf constellations : http://www.challengerlearningcenter.com/Micronauts/4.3MICROConstellations.pdf

Map clearly shows location of Leo and Canis Major wrt Orion and Big Dipper

Map mentions the names of the stars within the constellations also

You can see Makha/Magha Nakshatram of the Simha Rasi is Regulus in Leo.

Maghaa 5 Pitru / Ketu Maagha-Feb, March Simha If a single star has to be identified as Maagha, then the best candidate is 32 a Leo/SAO 98967/HD 87901/Regulus. I

Punarvasu is Pollux. 3 padas in Mithuna and 4th pada in Karkataka. Sir Rama’s birth star was the 4th pada of Punarvasu.

Punarvasu 2-4 Aditi / Guru Sri Rama’s janmanakshatram. Punarvasu 4th Padam

Chaitra masa Punarvasu nakshatram was the day on which Dasaratha made the decision regarding Sri Rama’s coronation – Valmiki Ramatanam – Ayodhyakanda.

Mithuna, Karkataka Very Bright Star If a single star has to be identified as Punarvasu, then 78b Gem/SAO-79666/HD-62509/’Pollux’ is the best candidate for Punarvasu. It is a very bright star of +1.15 brightness.

Denebola is Uttara Phalguni. Dr. Balakrishna gives it as ZaVijaya (Arab Name). Both Vijaya an Phalguna are names of Arjuna.

Uttara Phalguni 2 Uttara Prajapathias per Balakanda, Valmiki Ramayanam / Ravi Siva, Sati Marriage. (Siva Puranam)Janaka selected this nakshatram for the marriage day of Rama and Sitaand their siblings. (Balakanda) Phalguna-march- april Simha, Kanya Both the stars are at same time distance from Poorva Phalguni. If a single star has to be identified asUttara Phalguni, then 94 bLeo/SAO 119076 / HD 102870 is the best candidate, despite Denebola being brighter. Reason is that Denebola is about 5 diameters out of Moon traverse band while Zavijava is in the moon traverse band. Uttara Phalguni, is also called Zavijava by Arabs.

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