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Identifying Nakshatras – Betelguese, Arudra in Orion; Aldeberan, Rohini in Taurus; Mrigasira and Krutika; Punarvasu, Pollux in Gemini ; Brahma, Auriga

Identifying Nakshatras – Betelguese, Arudra in Orion
  1. Stand such that Orion’s Belt is tilted up to your right as in the image below.
  2. Then look for the reddish star, to your top left, in the constellation.
  3. Now you are all set for Arudra Darsanam.

Locate Arudra, Betelguese within Orion

Aardharaa 1 Rudra / Rahu Siva Mithuna Points to centre of universe? As per Dr. Balakrisgna, Arab ‘Alhena’ is the best candidate for Aardhra. It is 68 minutes or 17 degrees (E-W) away from Mrigashiras. It is 2 diameters out of moon traverse band.


Identifying Nakshatras – Aldeberan, Rohini in Taurus

  1. Orion’s belt will point you to Taurus
  2. Rohini is Sri Krishna’s Janma Nakshatram
  3. Rohini is also the name of Baladeva’s mother.
  4. Rohini Nakshtram, is a daughter of Dakhsa and is the favorite wife of Chandra.

Rohini 5 Prajaapati / Chandra Krishna Vrishabha Brightest Star Rohini is the brightest of the 27 Stars used for Bharateeya Nakshatra system of names, with a brightness of 0.85. Rohiniis identified as birth star of Sri krishna. The distance betweenKrittika and Rohini is about 12.5 degrees (E-W). If a single star has to be identified as representing Rohini Nakshatra, best candidate is 87aTau/SAO-94027/HD -29139/ Aldebaran

Identifying Nakshatras – Pleiades,  Kruthika and Mrugasheersham

  1. In the same map, above you can see Kruthika Nakshatram, labelled as Pleiaedes.
  2. There is a small group of 3 stars very close to Betelguese marked on the map above. That is Mrigasira.
  3. You can imagine an arc of a circle passing through, Arudra, Mrigasira, Rohini and Krittika.
Mrigasheerisham 3 Soma / Kuja Dattatreya Maargasira -November – December Vrishabha, Mithuna Brightest Full Moon If a single star has to be identified as representingMrigashira Nakshatra, best candidate is 112b Tau /SAO-77168 /HD -35497/ Elnath.
Krittika 6 Agni / Surya Karthikeya Karthika-October – November Mesha, Vrishabha Krittika Nakshatra is defined as a set of six stars. Bharateeyatradition has it that Kaartikeya,is surrounded by five Apsaras. This set of stars is identified by classical European system as Plaeidis. Brightest amongst them is called Alcyone by Arabs. If a single star has to be identified as representing Krittika Nakshatra, best candidate is 25hAries/SAO-76199/HD-23630/ AlCyone. Arundhati Nakshatra (though not a part of the 27 day pointing stars) is near theKrittitka. It is said to be the eighth star in the clusterKrittika(Ref-2).

Identifying Nakshatras – Punarvasu, Pollux, in Gemini

  1. In the map below, look perpendicular to Orion’s belt through betelguese to find gemini.
  2. Pollux, Punarvasu is in the upper-left corner of Gemini.

Punarvasu 2-4 Aditi / Guru Sri Rama’s janmanakshatramChaitra masa Punarvasu nakshatram was the day on which Dasaratha made the decision regarding Sri Rama’s coronation – Valmiki Ramatanam – Ayodhyakanda. Mithuna, Karkataka Very Bright Star If a single star has to be identified as Punarvasu, then 78b Gem/SAO-79666/HD-62509/’Pollux’ is the best candidate for Punarvasu. It is a very bright star of +1.15 brightness.

Identifying Auriga – Five Faced Brahma :

  1. Take the limb of Taurus that does not have Rohini in it.
  2. The star “beta”, common to Auriga and Taurus in the drawing below, is the one called El Nath.
  3. Arudra, El Nath and Capella are on a line.
  4. That will point you to the 5 sided pentagon, the Auriga.
  5. Auriga has been identified as Brahma by Bapu Dev Sastri who translated the Surya Siddhantam.
  6. Do you remember the story where Siva knocked of the 5th head of Brahma which was on the top?
  7. That story is connected to this constellation. Capella sounds like Kapala (Skull in Sanskrit) does it not?

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Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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