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Raivata Manvadi and Indra Savarnika Manvadi

Reference : The telugu calendar that I have was computed by the Sringeri Sri Jagadguru Mahasamsthana Sri matha Jyotisha Vidwan, Lanka Venkateswara Siddhanti and Sri Dayananda Saraswathi.

This listed,

  1. Jan 7th 2009, also Mukkoti or Vaikuntha Ekadasi as Raivata Manvadi. This was Pushya Krishna Paksha Ekadasi.
  2. Aug 20th 2009, Agni Savarnika Manvadi
  3. Nov 9th 2009 as Indra Savarnika Manvadi. Karthika Krishna Paksha Saptami, Pushyami Nakshatram

Raivatha Manu was the 5th Manu and Indra Savarnika is the 14th Manu. There are 14 Manvantaras is in a Kalpa. Manvadi means the beginning of Manu.

I am trying to figure this out, and I wanted to save this information, so as not to lose it.

Reference : Classical Muhurta By Ernst Wilhelm :

Satya Yuga : started on the Karthika Masa, suklapaksha navami

Tretha Yuga : Vaisakha Sukla Paksha Truthiya

Dvapara Yuga : Bhadrapada Sukla Paksha Trayodasi

Kali Yuga : Magha Amavasya

This list does not match my calendar,

But it does suggest that these manvadis are sort of anniversary celebrations of the actual events..

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