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Harvest Moon : Aswiyuja Pournami (Purnima)

From around 10 am this morning to around 11 am on Oct 4th morning, we have the Aswiyuja Pournami (Purnima). (As per the computations of Sri Lanka Venkateswara Siddhanti (Sringeri) and Sri Dayananda Saraswathi).

This lunar month called Aswiyuja Masa because the full moon occurs frequently close to Aswini Nakshatram (13 a Aries / SAO-75151/HD-12929/Hamal.). The Vedic Nakshatradhipati are the  Ashwini Devatah while the Graha Nakshatradhipati is Ketu.

This time the Pournami Nakshatram of the day is Uttarabhadra.

The Harvest Moon is important in the western context as being the full moon near the autumnal equinox (Sept 22nd), traditionally their harvest time .

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October 3, 2009 at 9:54 am

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