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Onam – Thiru Onam – Shrona – Sri Ona – Sravana – near Sravana Pournami

Chingam Rasi – Simha Rasi. The months followed in Kerala are the solar months.

Thiru Onam Nakshatram – Sravana Nakshatram – Connected to Vamana (Hindu paper article gives it as birth star of Vamana – Trivikrama). Thus it is also treated as the birth star of Vishnu.

Onam falls very close to Sravana Pournami. On Sarvana Purnami, the full moon is either in  or close to the sravana nakshatram. At one time Onam may have been on the same day as Sravana Pournami.

Onam is the day when Mahabali comes to visit Kerala. Mahabali visits Karnataka on Bali Padyami, the day next to Deepavali. He visits Andhra on Mahasankranthi day!

So as per the Luni Solar calendar.. caandramaana.. Bali visits Kerala in Sravana masa Pournima, Karnataka in Karthika masa suklapaksha padyami and Andhra in Pushya Masa.

(P.S. There is a custom in Kerala, where the king is referred to by his janmanakshatram (janmanalu).

One of the famous kings is Sri Chitra Tirunal. Present king is Uttarada (Uttarashada) Thirunal Marthanda Varma.)

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