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Space Time Continuum

Super Simplified View (and attempt to understand and explain) :

  • Our intuitive idea of space  is that space is 3 – dimensional, static and infinite.
  • Our intuitive idea of time is that time is one dimensional and that it flows from -forever to  + forever.
  • Our intuitive view of space time is (x,y,z,t), where all all 4 variables can vary from – infinity to + infinity as long as you define an origin (x=y=z=t=0) and maybe an initial orientation.

This however is not the case.

  • Not all values of x,y,z,t are allowed, This means that at some values of time, not all points in space exist and at some points in space, not all points of time exist.
  • Space time is NOT like an empty room of 4 dimensions. Even if you had a tiny flying machine with time travel built into it, you could not zip through it at will like a fly. Some combinations of x,y,z,t are simply disallowed.
  • You would be constrained like, say, water/or air in a (tangled?) mass of tubes.
  • When all that energy became mass., it messed with space-time. The more massive something is the more it curves (or dents) the space-time. Your freedom to move at will is constrained by massive things.

So, time is neither independently linear nor cyclic. It depends on where you are.

Time depends on where you are.

Time also depends on how fast you are moving.

  • If you try to move at the speed of light and faster, you are trying to cover more distance in a given time interval.
  • But space will stretch and time will stretch and you will see that you cannot go faster than light.

Time and Space are not uniform as our intuition tells us.


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