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Mass Energy Equivalence

A simple explanation.

The speed of light is not only constant but it is also limiting. That means that nothing can go faster than light in the universe as we observe it.

Normally, we can make a body go faster and faster by adding energy to it. (Force applied on a body times the distance that it moves through = work done on that body).

What happens if you try to accelerate a  body is already at the speed of light, by applying a force on it?

  • Then all the energy you add to it, gets added to its mass.
  • If it maintains its density it swells and becomes very big.
  • If it maintains its volume it becomes very dense.

Mass and Energy are 2 states of the same thing.

May be the above explanation helps you know how the energy intensive universe became ‘massive’ – part mass and part energy.

Because energy = mass times velocity of light squared., even a little bit of mass equals a lot of energy. (remember the atomic bomb?)


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