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See Karthikeya amd Krttikas on April 26th Evening.

Karthika (Skanda) was raised by the Krttikas. You can see them all tomorrow. In English they are called the Pleiades.

Quoted from : http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/24apr_eveningsky.htm?list25013

“On Sunday evening, the crescent Moon, Mercury and the Pleiades star cluster (Kruthika – Krthika – Krithika nakshatram) will gather for a three-way conjunction in the western sky. It’s a must-see event. The show begins before the sky fades to black. The Moon pops out of the twilight first, an exquisitely slender 5% crescent surrounded by cobalt blue. The horns of the crescent cradle a softly-glowing image of the full Moon. That is Earthshine—dark lunar terrain illuminated by sunlight reflected from Earth.Shortly after the Moon appears, Mercury materializes just below it. The innermost planet has emerged from the glare of the sun for its best apparition of the year in late April—perfect timing for a sunset encounter with the Moon. To the naked eye, Mercury looks like a pink 1st-magnitude star. The planet itself is not pink; it only looks that way because it has to shine through dusty lower layers of Earth’s atmosphere. A backyard telescope pointed at Mercury reveals a tiny fat crescent. The innermost planet has phases like the Moon! Next, do nothing. Spend some quiet moments absorbing the view. As the twilight deepens, your eyes will dark-adapt and—voilà! There are the Pleiades.”

Karthikeya’s Nakshatram From: Nakshatras, Masas, Specialities : Krittika Nakshatra (dedicated to Agni) is defined as a set of six stars. Bharateeya tradition has it that Kaartikeya, is surrounded by five Apsaras. This set of stars is identified by classical European system as Plaeidis. Brightest amongst them is called Alcyone by Arabs. If a single star has to be identified as representing Krittika Nakshatra, best candidate is 25hAries/SAO-76199/HD-23630/ AlCyone. Arundhati Nakshatra (though not a part of the 27 day pointing stars) is near the Krittitka. It is said to be the eighth star in the cluster Krittika.

Krttika Nakshatram near Moon and Orion

Krttika Nakshatram near Moon and Orion


All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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