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Markandeya, Aryabhatta Kali Yuga ZeroPoint

Varahamihira said that Mahapadmananda ascended the throne 1050 years after Pariskshit was born. How he decided this was… Vishnu Purana states that the Saptarshis, which are supposed to move @ one Nakshatra for every 100 years (IV.24) had moved 10 Nakshatras from Magha to Purvashada during this interval, between the war (Parikshit’s birth) and Mahapadma Nanda’s accession, which therefore comes to 10×100 = 1000 years.

Aryabhatta said that The line of the Saptarshis intersected the middle of Magha Nakshatra in the year of Kaliyuga 1910. That information is suspect – not in Aryabhattiyam

If we combine these statements., we can come to the conclusion that Bharata war took place in Kaliyuga 1910 as per Aryabhatta’s reckoning, since Parikshit was born soon after the war ended.

That means that Markandeya’s Kaliyuga Zero Point Year (Krishna’s death) – 27  = (Bharata War) = Aryabhatta’s Zero Point Kaliyuga Year + 1910. (Pariskshit’s birth).

This means that Krishna’s death took place in Aryabhatta’s Zero Point Kaliyuga Year + 1910 + 27.

It would also mean that when Aryabhatta corrected the calendars, the Bharata war was pushed back 1937 years, by any later scholars who assumed that the zero points of Markandeya kaliyuga and Aryabhatta Kaliyuga were the same.

See the Unique eclipse pair combination just before the Bharata War!


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March 16, 2009 at 8:38 pm

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