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Kaliyuga start date

Quoted from: http://www.boloji.com/history/043.htm

  1. According to Aryabhatta “The line of the Saptarshis intersected the middle of Magha Nakshatra in the year of Kaliyuga 1910” (No such indication in the Aryabhattiyam)
  2. According to Vishnu Purana, the Saptarshis were in that very same position at the birth of Parikshit.
  3. This Purana also states that the Saptarshis, which are supposed to move @ one Nakshatra for every 100 years (IV.24) had moved 10 Nakshatras from Magha to Purvashada during this interval, between the war and Mahapadma Nanda’s accession, which therefore comes to 10×100 = 1000 years”

We know that Aryabhatta lived after Vyasa and could not have influenced him. We know this because of a statement that Aryabhatta made. He said that he lived 6×60 years after Kali Yuga started. (Some people say that he said 60×60 years after Kali started..  is the word shahtyabdanam shadbhih or is it shastyabdanam shahstih..? : Page 70; 9th samputamu, Vijnana Sarvasvamu, Telugu Encyclopedia) We believe that he lived 360 years into kaliyuga and not 3600 years after. Either way, he lived after Vyasa, who wrote the Mahabharatam from 1 year Kali to 4 year Kali. from : https://oldthoughts.wordpress.com/how-many-kinds-of-yugas-are-there/

  • If statement 1 above is true then, Aryabhatta must have lived 3600 years after Kaliyuga began. (He was 23 when he made the statement). If Kaliyuga started in 3102 BC, then he was 23 in about 498 AD! or born in 475 AD. Statement 1 is in Doubt.
  • The article quoted above refers to the “middle of Magha Nakshatra” while Tilak says that it was the ‘beginning” that is the point to be considered.
  • Point 3 is also corroborated by Varahamihira.
  • If point 2 is correct then Parikshit was born in 1910 Kaliyuga, which is 1192 BC.

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