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Traditional date of the Sri Rama

Ravi Sankar Mukavilli Says: “According to our sastras, Ramayanam happened in 24th Treta yuga. We are currently in 28th kali yuga.

Krita-yuga = 1,728,000 human years.
Treta-yuga = 1,296,000 human years.
Dvapara-yuga = 864,000 human years.
Kali-yuga = 432,000 human years.

If we don’t count 24th Treta Yuga we will have 24th Dvapara-yuga + 24th Kali-yuga + 25 maha yuga + 26 maha yuga + 27 maha yuga + 28th maga yuga (till kali yuga), if we also count the 5109 years that passed in this kali yuga (as you know it started in 3102 BC), the total would come to 18149109 years till now. Can anyone prove it?”


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December 14, 2008 at 3:10 pm

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