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The Manvantara Diagram

 from: http://www.hindutempleofflorida.org/articles/Universe-zip/The%20Manvantara%20Diagram.doc

There is a picture and a time line at this link. It asks a for a password, but lets you view it even if you say cancel.


There are thirty Kalpas mentioned in the Puranas. Visnu in the Meghavahana Kalpa became a cloud and showered the earth for a thousand divine years, thus:

i.                     The Earth as a planet is as old as the Universe. It is remade by nuclear fusion during each Kalpa – its bedrock and molten centre reforming.

ii.                    The Earth is made habitable each Kalpa by Lord Skanda – the lord bearing all Shaktis;  Living entities  are recreated each Kalpa from Lord Visnu.

iii.                  The geological dating of earth rocks is determined by the half-life of radioactive elements; each dissolution causes material reformation of elements (fusion) and the atomic clock is reset. Thus science can only measure a Kalpa or 4.32 billion years – which in fact is the given age of the Earth according to geology. The sun, significantly,  is 5-billion years old.

iv.                  The Earth, the solar system and every planet and galaxy in the Universe rejuvenates during Kalpas- this happens until the end of the Universe.




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