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Rama’s birth:4th of December, 7323 BC?

Quoted from http://scienceinvedas.wordpress.com/2006/11/28/dating-the-ramayana-with-valmikis-clues/

“Sage Valmiki, the celebrated composer of the Ramayana records the birth of Rama in Uttarayana (the Divine Half-year), in the Chaitra month, in the bright fortnight, on the ninth day, in the Punarvasu nakshatra, on a Monday, and under Karka lagna. Valmiki further details the birth with various planetary positions in the zodiac : Sun in Mesha at 10 deg., Mars in Capricorn at 28 degree, Jupiter in Cancer at 5 deg., Venus in Pisces at 27 deg. and Saturn in Libra at 20 deg. These starry configurations are so unique that they have occurred only once so far in measurable history and this helps us to fix the important date, the birthday of Rama, as the 4th of December, 7323 BC. Due to the slow yet continuous precession of the Earth, Rama’s birthday anniversary, celebrated as Ram Navami, has since shifted by about four months over a period of about 9300 years. Valmiki has also beautifully described the sky at the moment when Rama left Ayodhya on his 14-year exile. He states, “Crux (Trishanku), Mars, Jupiter and Mercury have cornered the Moon. Vaishakha and Milky Way are shining in the sky”. Using this additional input, astronomical rules help us to fix Rama’s exile to a time when he turned 17 years of age. Another event, Hanuman’s return from Lanka after discovering Sita (in Sunderkanda , one of the most evocative chapters of Ramayana) can be similarly pinpointed as occurring on a Pushya Poornima. Using the above techniques, the following pivotal events of the Ramayana can be fixed at the following dates: Rama_s birth: 4th December 7323 BC; Rama’s marriage with Sita: 7th April 7307 BC; Rama’s exile: 29th November 7306 BC; Hanuman’s entry into Lanka : 1st September 7292 BC; Hanuman’s meeting with Sita: 2nd September 7292 BC; construction of Setu (bridge): 26-30th Oct. 7292 BC; the beginning of the great war: 3rd November 7292 BC; Kumbhakarna’s death: 7th November 7292 BC; Ravana’s killing by Rama: 15th November 7292 BC; and Rama’s return to Ayodhya: 6th December 7292 BC. The last event, celebrated as Deepawali, should also have advanced by about four months, but strangely the festival of lights now falls in Oct-Nov. each year.”

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