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The December Sky

What can we observe in December Sky: http://stardate.org/nightsky/almanac/


Arudra is identified as Betelgeuse by some Scholars and as Al hena by prof. Balakrishna.

Arudra Darsanam is an important ritual for some. You can see Betelguese, bright and red to the Northwest in Orion Rigel is brighter and it is to the South east. I dont know the Indian name for Rigel.

You can see Sirius but i dont know the Indian name for Sirius either.


1 : We saw the smiley – with jupiter, venus and the crescent moon.

3: You can see neptune if you have binoculars.”Neptune is just to the left or lower left of the Moon at nightfall. It looks like a faint star with a hint of blue.” I don’t know if even that will help in Bangalore with all the clouds we have.

12 – 13: We can see the full moon, but not the shooting stars in bangalore. The brightest full moon of the year? check and see.

17:” Saturn is close to the Moon. It looks like a bright golden star to the lower left of the Moon as they rise in late evening. Look East in the evening”. Saturn is Sani. (or the slow one) He is the Karma karaka – this scares some people.. but it need not really.

21 6:04 pm The December solstice: The real beginning of the Uttarayanam. Mark the sun’s position from a fixed place and the direction and length of the shadow, and see how it changes over the next 6 months.

28/29 Jupiter (Guru) and Mercury (Budha) huddle close to the Moon, very low in the southwest after sunset. They are above the Moon on the 28th (with Mercury closest to the Moon), and to its lower right on the 29th. Guru-Budha-Chandra Yoga

30/31 Sukra (venus) to the left of  Chandra (Moon).

Perigee: Dec. 12

Apogee: Dec. 26



Aardharaa 1   Rudra Siva   Mithuna Points to centre of universe? 24 g Gem/SAO-95912/HD47105/Arab ‘Alhena’ is the best candidate for Aardhra. It is 68 minutes or 17 degrees (E-W) away from Mrigashiras. It is 2 diameters out of moon traverse band.

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