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Jupiter and Venus in South West Sky!

I have been observing the two beautiful bright ‘stars’ in the south west sky everyday and wondering about them.

At this link http://stardate.org/nightsky/almanac/, I found that I have been looking at Jupiter and Venus Everyday! My cell phone camera caught the conjunction.. early December… take a look!

Jupiter Venus and Moon Conjuction

Jupiter Venus and Moon Conjuction



November 2008:

19/20 Regulus, in Leo, the lion, is the closest bright star to the Moon in the pre-dawn sky, with the planet Saturn below them.

  If a single star has to be identified as Maagha, then the best candidate is 32 a Leo/SAO 98967/HD 87901/Regulus.

21 Saturn is to the left of the Moon as they rise after midnight this morning.

24 Spica, in Virgo, stands above the Moon as they rise about three hours before sunrise.

(Spica is Chitra)

30 Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon congregate low in the southwest in early evening. The two planets are to the upper left of the Moon, with Jupiter slightly higher in the sky.

Happy Day!

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November 21, 2008 at 7:19 pm

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