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(The big bang is about 4 kalpas ago). Each Kalpa (4 320 000 000 earth years) has 14 Manvantaras.

Ours is the 7th Vaivaswatha Manvanthara.

This means about half of our Kalpa (Sveta Varaha Kalpa) is over.

Another 2 160 000 000 earth years to the end of this kalpa or to dissolution.

  1. Swayambhuva (H.V. 7.8) son of the self born
  2. Swarochishta (Mark P.67.4) son of the self shining
  3. Uthama ( Mark.P 73.13) son of the highest
  4. Taamasa (Mark.P 73.13) son of Darkness
  5. Raivatha (Mark.P 75,73,74) son of wealth
  6. Chaikshusa( Mark.P 76.54) son of vision
  8. Arka Savarnika ( Mark.P 80.4) related to Sungod
  9. Daksha Savarnika ( Mark.P 94.8) son of rituals
  10. Brahma Savarnika (Mark.P 94.10 to 14 ) son of Brahma
  11. Dharma Savarnia( Mark.P 94.19 & 20) relative of eternal law
  12. Rudra Savrnika( Mark.P 94.25 )son of the destroyer
  13. Deva Savarnika (Mark. P 94.30)son of the shining one and
  14. Indra Savarnika (Mark.P 100.31) son of the mighty Indra

I don’t have the names of the Mahayugas that make up a Manvantara.

There are a 1000 Mahayugas in a Kalpa, which would give 71.4 Mahayugas to a Manvantara..

which is not a nice round number. (Those who say that there are 72 Mahayugas to a Manvantara say that there are 1008 Mahayugas to a Kalpa)

This is the Dwitiya Parardha or second half of Brahma’s life, which means 50 x 360 kalpas are over. And we are midway of one of the next kalpas.

At pooja time we say Sveta varaha kalpe, dwitiya parardhe, vaivaswatha manvantare, kaliyuge, prathama pade.

We never mention the name or number of a Chaturyuga or a Mahayuga.

Every Manvantara has its own Manu and its own Indra.


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October 7, 2008 at 4:57 am

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