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1 Brahma second = 1 Human Year!!!

My entire life is about a minute and a half, in relation to Brahma.

Even bacteria live longer in relation to us.

No wonder he needed a creative process that is self sustaining. That is why he must have used the karma – DNA – evolutionary model etc. He has done his creation and left us to live it. It runs itself down by End of (his) Day (Kalpa). He goes to sleep at night and makes a brand new creation the next morning.!

This is also why no one prays Brahma. Many Brahma’s go into the time of Vishnu and Siva. But Vishnu and Siva – actually descend onto earth and live with us in our time scale. May be that is why we love Krishna so much, because he  got down (avatar) to our level and scale and time frame.

People who go against Brahma’s creation threaten it. Either like those Tapasvis, who refuse to eat, drink, mate etc, or like the rakhsasas who go around waging wars, killing folks and dominating worlds.

He tries to distract the Tapasvis with Indra‘s help and have the Rakshasas killed with Vishnu’s help. There are 14 Indras to a Kalpa. Each Indra lasts about 3086 Brahma seconds or about 51 Brahma minutes, that is about 50 – 100 human generations?

100 years of Indra = 3110400000 Indra seconds = 3086 seconds of Brahma

1007907 Indra seconds ~ 1 million Indra seconds = 1 Brahma second = 1 human year = 11.6 ~12 Indra Days = 12 human months.

So Indra has about a day for every month of my life. So possibly people prayed to the Devas for two reasons – one they are meant to look after us and we are meant to offer them prayers, and two, we may get relief from our problems at least in a month. Our life time is about 2 or 3 years for Indra.


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October 7, 2008 at 4:13 am

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